Welcome to Malamulo Hospital

Our vision is to be the preferred provider for specialized healthcare and training in Malawi and beyond.

Our mission is to provide competent healthcare and training through skilled staff members, prioritizing the health of our patients with a special emphasis on spiritual care.


Malamulo Hospital has been providing healthcare to one of the poorest districts in Malawi, Africa since 1902. It's located 65 kilometers southeast of the city of Blantyre in Thyolo District in the southern part of Malawi. The hospital serves a catchment population of 129,000 from two surrounding districts who are among the poorest in Africa, mainly due to the average income which is less than $1 per day. Malamulo is a major referral hospital for Malawi and Mozambique.

The Hospital has a bed capacity of 275. A number of activities are implemented with assistance from both local and international donors, such as focusing on Women's Health, Cervical Cancer Screening, HIV Testing and Counseling, Youth Friendly Health Services, Home Based Care, Nutrition Awareness, Infection Prevention promotion and Family Planning. The hospital also runs 16 mobile sites with 3 centres operating on daily basis for out-patient services. Please help us support these vital services and thus providing much needed medical help to one of the poorest districts in Africa. Your contributions directly impact the lives of our patients.